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2016 Ram 2500 | Synergy Leveling System

A lot of people make the assumption that we only focus on high performance off-road upgrades. In reality, that’s only half true. While nothing excites us more than turning a boring stock vehicle into a certified trail slayer, we can’t forget that some of our customers use their trucks for a lot more road miles hauling equipment for work, than dirt miles hauling the mail. We offer a wide selection from basic leveling kits to complete tuned systems oriented towards the everyday driver with a little extra performance in mind.

Dodge’s MegaCab certainly has interior room in spades, but the down side to this is that they are far from light. The factory springs and shocks are quickly overwhelmed when big pot holes and rolling hills pop up in your way, especially with the added weight of a trailer or load in the bed. This particular customer has often found himself on an unfamiliar rural road, in the dead of night, after a long day of work more then once, and found his trucks suspension to be barely adequate when hauling a box trailer full of equipment. On the weekends, he’s often bouncing around local fire roads looking for the best single track he can find to get out on his mountain bike. Again, the stock suspension left *ahem* a lot to be desired in the compliance department. Strike 2.

Enter Synergy Mfg, with their new for 2018 leveling systems for the 14+ Ram 2500’s, and 13+ 3500’s. This kit is a complete leveling system, comprised of custom front springs and tuned 2.0 Fox Performance Series monotube shocks for all 4 corners. After countless hours of tuning and testing, Synergy was able to not only match the springs and shocks to be a perfectly tuned package, they were able to squeeze quite a bit more travel out of the factory suspension components without any additional modifications. A longer, progressively wound front spring and custom blueprinted shock allows the front to cycle 10″, up from the paltry 7″ that the stock suspension cycles. In the rear, our customer’s 2500 sees a similar increase, to the same 10″ of travel. 3500 trucks see an even bigger increase, as the stock rear shock only allows for 6.5″ of travel on the leaf sprungĀ  trucks. A Fox 2.0 Performance Series steering stabilizer keeps the front end tracking straight. With the added clearance from the leveled stance, when our customer is ready to replace his tires, he can fit up to a 35″ tall tire with no trimming. While the progressive wind of the front springs adds travel, it does retain a linear rate, so the trucks factory load and tow ratings are not affected. With a Synergy leveling system, you can haul in confidence with a more compliant and controlled ride.


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